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breeding dogs

Breeding Services

Countryside Vet offers a full breeding program, including artificial insemination, surgical implants, progesterone testing, frozen semen, and AKC known approved semen storage. We can also do chilled semen shipments for you, as we carry semen extender and shippers necessary for these shipments.

How We Began

In 1996, we began raising bulldogs, which are notorious for breeding problems. This sparked necessity and an interest in fertility and better conception rates. After reading all the material we could find, and talking with other breeders and veterinarians, we began progesterone testing and surgical implants, which greatly improved our conception rates. This method has proved helpful with all breeds of dogs, and when using frozen semen.

What We Do Now

When timing the cycle of a bitch, methods such as color of discharge, swelling of the vulva, and flagging are traditional, but these signs aren't very reliable. Vaginal cytology (smears) are a rough gauge for pinpointing ovulation, but at best offer only minimal information.

Progesterone tests give the time of ovulation and prime fertile period for your bitch. The number of tests needed to know the best breeding time will vary from bitch to bitch. We are looking for specific progesterone levels, and when these levels are found we will know the best time to breed your bitch.

At Countryside, we have been doing surgical implants for years. We have found this to be very successful for dogs known to have conception difficulties or anatomical barriers, but implants also increase the chance of pregnancy for any breeding. A surgical implant also gives the veterinarian a chance to observe uterine and ovarian health at breeding time; it also provides owners of bitches with histories of reproductive failure or problems the answer they are seeking.

Frozen semen can be a valuable asset to your breeding program, assuring the future availability of your key dog or dogs’ unique genetics. By freezing semen you not only have access to your dog’s genetics for your use, but can make semen available to others, should the demand for it arise in the future.

Although semen can be frozen from dogs of virtually any age, the best results will probably be obtained from a dog in his prime breeding years, generally considered to be between one and six years old. We recommend you have semen frozen as early as possible, thus ensuring the highest quality and maximizing the number of breeding units obtained from each collection.

Semen collection for freezing can be done by appointment, or we can keep your dog at our facility for an extended period, collecting and freezing their semen over multiple days.