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All pets need vaccinations

Pet Vaccines for Your Pet's Health

dog vaccinationDogs Must Have Current Rabies Vaccinations

By law, your dog must keep current on rabies vaccinations. And although they are not legally required, we recommend vaccination for parvovirus, canine distemper and para-influenza. As Lyme disease becomes more common in our area, we suggest a vaccine against that, as well, particularly for hunting dogs and dogs that spend a good deal of time outdoors. Kennel cough vaccination is recommended for show dogs, or dogs who spend time in boarding situations.


Cat Need Rabies Shots and Benefit From Others

cat vaccinationCats also need rabies vaccines; we will discuss the value of Feline Panleukopenia Virus (FPV) vaccine and Feline Herpesvirus shots with you as well. These viruses are hardy and long-lived; before the FPV vaccine was widely used, thousands of cats died every year from this disease.

Feline Leukemia Virus is the leading viral killer of cats, spread easily during cat fights, wounds or casual contact with infected cats. Kittens can catch it from their mothers. Cats who are never allowed outside may not need the vaccination, but outdoor cats, and indoor-outdoor cats, do. Kittens and puppies need a series of starter vaccinations, just as human babies do.