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Countryside Vet Wellness Exams

A healthy pet is lively, active and a joy to be with. But even pets who appear completely healthy benefit from an annual wellness exam.

Your Dog Needs A Checkup Once a Year

A full physical exam, any needed lab tests, and vaccine recommendations will help your pet maintain maximum health and vitality. Fecal testing will insure your dog stays worm-free. And blood tests, if they appear needed, can pinpoint illness that has not yet shown obvious signs. Of course, as dogs age, or become ill, they may need more frequent exams and monitoring.

healthy cat playingCats Need Wellness Exams, Too

Cats also need a yearly check-up, and may require vaccinations. Cats are notorious for hiding their ailments, so a full physical exam of your cat will insure that any changes in your cat’s health will be addressed, and potential problems discussed.

Dr. Hood will check weight, skin and coat, teeth, ears and eyes, heart and general body condition. He’ll also check for parasites or other unexpected problems. Senior cats - 7 years and up – benefit from twice-yearly exams, as they are more prone to illness or other troubles. Early detection can mean a longer and more comfortable life for your cat.